8 tips to find a great piano teacher

8 Tips to find a great piano teacher

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I remember my first lesson with my piano teacher; I was 25 years old. Barely knew anything about piano. 

I went in and found this glorious grand piano in his studio. This day changed my life completely.

grand piano plan keyboard strings wallpaper preview 1

Finding a good piano teacher may change the way you look at music completely. A good piano teacher may help you fall in love with the instrument and make your progress way faster.

On the other hand, a non-qualified teacher may be the reason you will stop playing piano if they had the wrong approach. A piano teacher is a deal breaker in learning a music instrument.

Here are my 8 tips to find a great teacher.

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1- Patience is one of their characteristics.

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When learning piano you will make mistakes, correct them, then make them again. So make sure the piano teacher is patient with you.

Learning piano could take a long time and we are just humans who tend to make mistakes and forget things.

A good piano teacher will know when you need a break and when he should push your limits.

2- They are a full time piano teacher

music sheet book

A piano teacher who has passion and fire towards music inside them will light this fire inside you too. 

A person who loves to teach and is taking pride in his job will always make you want to practice to make them proud of you.

Make sure they work as a full-time teacher. This will show you that they are committed and piano is taking a huge part of their lives.

3- Make sure they are good at teaching and explaining.

Being a musician is a job and being a teacher is another job.

A good musician may not be someone who is good at explaining to you how to do things.They could be an average musician but a really good teacher, or vise versa.

4- The kind of music they teach suits you.

Most piano teachers have a specific genre that they spent all their lives studying. The most common types of genres are classical teachers and jazz teachers.

Of course, there are people who do both. Make sure which genre they will concentrate on teaching you, and if it suits you well.

records for jazz music

5- Go for the teacher you could afford.

Money to buy things

Taking piano lessons is not a one-time thing; you could go for years.  So going to a teacher within budget is the most important thing; because consistency is the key to playing the piano.

A good piano lesson could range from 40-60$ in the USA. Of Course a more qualified teacher will cost more. But again, make sure you can pay this 4 times a month for years to come. 

It’s an investment in the long run.

6- They teach you how to practice.


A good teacher will teach you how to practice effectively on a daily basis. They will teach you every step you should take to pass to the next phase. Also what to do when you get home and sit on your piano alone.

They will give you a list of things to work on, show you how to practice and develop good habits. Not just give you the material without guidance.

So make sure that they will help you with practicing at home.

7- They assign listening to music as homework.

A girl listening to her headphones

When learning a new genre you must listen to lots of music of that genre. It goes the same with learning a new instrument. You must listen to the big names and the small ones too. 

So the only one who will guide you to listen to new musicians everyday is your beloved teacher.

8- You must like them!

This is really one of the most important things when choosing a piano teacher; you must love this teacher and like their personality.

Keep in mind you will spend a lot of time with them. If you don’t like the teacher, you will probably feel the same way about the piano.

No one can tell you if you like them or not. Only you can decide this.

Frequently asked questions

How many piano lessons should I take per month?

Taking piano lessons once a week, 1 hour per lesson is more than enough to be really good and be a real musician.

This one single hour should guide you to practice all week long for many hours.

If you are a traveler and need to practice while travelling here are 10 tips to practice while travelling

 A piano teacher only shows you the road to success. But practicing everyday is the only way to progress and be a better musician.

Where to find a good piano teacher:


Finding a good piano teacher is relative.

A good piano teacher for me may not be liked by you. Some people love the step by step approach. While others will not like this way of teaching. 

Remember in school when there was a teacher that you loved so much but your best friend didn’t like it at all? It’s the same thing. 

 So make sure you like the piano teacher’s personality and make sure you will always go to them on a weekly basis.

Most important, practice is the only way you will improve, not your teacher.

In the end, you can always change your piano teacher if you don’t like them.

I hope these tips will make your search easier.

Please comment below if you have other tips and share this with a friend in need.  


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