10 tips to practice piano while traveling

10 tips to practice piano while traveling (Never ruin your practice schedule)

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So you are traveling for work or taking a vacation with your friends and family.

But you don’t want to miss on practice because you know how valuable one practice session could be.

Here are 10 tips to  practice piano while traveling.

Table of Contents

Listen to music

girl listening to music

Let’s be honest, listening to music is one of the most important skills to be a good musician. There are even a couple of books written on how to listen to music in a mindful way.

So grab your favorite list and just sit there and REALLY listen to music. Not just listening while checking your phone. 

No, active listening. Just sit there like when you watch a movie for two hours straight.

Sit and listen to a whole album. Listen to the drums, the bass, count the bars, the quality of the recording, and every single detail in the album.

People worked really hard to make this album, just give them your time to appreciate their art. And trust me, it will change the way you play when you get back to practice.

Watch concerts

Classical concert

This is like active listening, but with the visual ingredient added. Watch recorded live concerts (tons of them are on Youtube).

Watch the piano player’s hands. Watch carefully the signs the band gives each other. How the audience reacts.

 Even take care of the mistakes that happen during the concert and how professionals react to it. Where are they standing?

What did they say at the beginning of the concert and between every song?  

How are they filming the concert? These small details are the things that make a professional musician stand out.

Having this kind of knowledge will make you a bandleader one day.

Study music theory

concert musique partition cle 104084

We all don’t prefer studying music on paper. We love listening to music and playing it. But something very important in music is how to read it.

Music theory is like a language you must understand in order to communicate with fellow musicians.

 So studying music theory while traveling is very effective because you have the time for it.

Take music sheets to practice piano while traveling

Take with you the piece that you are studying and memorize the total numbers of the bars in the piece.

Also take a look at the form. Try to play it in your head while humming the melody. Turn on the metronome and make your timing better with following up with the piece.

Watch educational videos

This part is easy and fun. Watching videos and writing down notes is a really fun task.

Explore youtube, there are a lot of good channels that give you tips and tricks to get better at technique and practicing the piano.

There are a lot of online courses that are really good on music theory and piano techniques.

Read biographies

Reading about other musicians may let you understand how hard they worked to reach this level of musicianship. Their story may inspire you.

Some of the musicians had really hard childhoods and lives, it may make you think that you are blessed to have a life like yours.

Study the way they achieved success and know that you could reach their levels too with lots of hard work and consistency.

You will understand that nothing is impossible with persistence.

Practice trills

There are a lot of finger exercises that you can do to make your finger stronger and faster.

But practicing trills is the easiest one of them because you can do it on a surface or even without a surface.

Do the trills exercise until you feel the muscle is a bit sore. (Don’t practice trills more than 45 minutes a day) 


Invest in a Midi controller

practice piano while you are traveling

So obviously the best way to practice piano while traveling is having a small piano with you

With today’s technology, you could take a small portable piano with you on the plane and connect it to your headphones.

The best thing about midi controllers is that they can produce a lot of different sounds other than your piano. So explore new sounds in your journey.

Set your goal

Living in today’s world makes us so busy to reflect on what we are doing and what we want to do in life.

So the best way to practice piano while traveling is organizing your daily practice.

So sit down with a piece of paper and a pen. And write down your goal in the next 5 years, maybe even in the next 10 years.

Then break down how you are going to reach these goals. And write down how to practice more effectively. Moreover, write down your weaknesses and strengths.

So that you could work on your weaknesses when you get back to your regular practice routine.


Take a break

Athletes always talk about the importance of rest in their program. It is really useful to their minds more than their bodies.

So it goes the same way for musicians. We need to rest our minds to avoid being burned out. We need to reflect on our lives and enjoy life. 

We need to sit with our family and friends and talk about other things in life.

Being a musician is not all about music. It’s about being present in the moment and making an impact in the world.


Don’t worry too much if don’t have the time to practice piano while traveling

It’s a good thing to take a break and get back with a fresh mind ready to practice for hours to come. Take it easy my friends!

Your piano teacher must understand that you want to take a break. You must find a great piano teacher

If you found out another way to practice while travelling please write in the comments your best tip. 

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